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Saint Emilion - France

Notre Dame de Paris

Become a trainee in France


(Note : work permit restrictions may apply for non European citizens)


France welcomes you !


French farmers invite you to discover the country’s agricultural diversity and to live an unforgettable experience as a trainee on a French farm.


France is the number one tourist destination country worldwide and number one in agricultural production and exportation in Europe. 80 % of the French territory is covered by agricultural and forestry areas. French farmers know-how link to agronomic research and technologic innovations, to ensure richness and diversity of lands and productions.


You will find in France a wide range of farms. Nowadays, more and more farmers are concerned with sustainable agriculture, and organic farming, including respect to landscape and environment.


EXPERIENCE INTERNATIONALE, a French non-profit international exchange organization based in Paris, welcomes you and offers you the opportunity to increase your vocational education and experience. Through a practical training period, you will live with a French family, and EXPERIENCE INTERNATIONALE will provide you assistance throughout your training period.




A practical training on a farm, horticultural enterprise, or winery allows you :


  • To share French farm and family life experience ;

  • To develop professional contacts;

  • To obtain new knowledge and technical skills ;

  • To take some responsibilities ;

  • To return home with new ideas ;

  • Improve your knowledge of the French language (Through our partner schools in France, we offer a possibility to attend an intensive course of French before starting the training period).


Conditions of participation


To be eligible for this agricultural exchange program, you need :


  • To be open-minded and ready to adapt yourself to another culture ;

  • To have completed a technical course in agriculture, horticulture or viticulture in your country ;

  • To have at least six months of practical hands-on agricultural, horticultural or viticulture and oenology experience ;

  • To be flexible and willing to adjust to different working conditions ;

  • To be between 18 and 30 years old.




EXPERIENCE INTERNATIONALE, in relationship with country partners, will handle the administrative procedures, and match each applicant with a host trainer that matches the type of placement requested. There are possibilities available in  :

  • General agriculture (dairy, beef, grain and arable crops, pigs, goats, sheep, beekeeping, poultry ;

  • Horticulture (market gardening, ornamental horticulture such as flower nursery, tree nursery…) ;

  • Viticulture/oenology and winemaking.


The program is practical and you will be actively involved in your host farm activities.

In most cases trainees hosts are providing room and board (except in horticulture and often in viticulture and oenology). Trainees are also receiving a monthly allowance.

A placement fee (presently 450 €) will apply when a placement is found and accepted.


Visas and work permits


EU Nationals and applicants from Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland do not need a work permit in France


Through bilateral agreements between France and other countries, there are work permits possibilities in France for the applicants from the following countries : Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Taiwan, Uruguay, USA.


EXPERIENCE INTERNATIONALE will assist in the visa and work permit processing.


For further information, please contact EXPERIENCE INTERNATIONALE or our partner organization in your home country.

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